The Raccoon

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) is an omnivore nocturnal mammal. This mammal weights around 20lbs fully grown and lives an average of 2-3 years. It will eat a wide variety of food, including: frogs, earthworms, mice, eggs of any kind and almost anything organic that is left outside in the garbage cans. Their habitats range from Canada, the continental U.S. and Mexico.

Raccoons will make a home in any place big enough for them to get comfortable. Places such as; hollowed out logs, large trees, attics of any building. When it comes to giving birth, a wood burning fire place is the place of choice for the mom. The female will give birth to 1-7 young after being pregnant for over 60 days. The” Cubs” or “Kits” are completely dependent on the mother. Blind and hairless they will nurse for several months before venturing out with mom to learn how to survive. They will stay with the female for 4-10 months before leaving to start their own family.

Raccoons in the attic of a home can be very disturbing when trying to sleep. They will walk around above head and have been described as sounding like an elephant on the roof. While in the attic they will make specific areas to sleep, play and even go to the bathroom. They, like squirrels, will mat the attic insulation down to nest, leaving the attic less efficient.  Although raccoons are excellent at chewing they tend to stay away from the wiring.

Having them removed immediately will help save a house from a large amount of damage and help keep families safe from rabies, fleas or even getting bit. All of these illnesses/afflictions are possible when raccoons are living in and around a home. Trapping will take several days because the process of making sure all of the raccoons are out is difficult and takes time. After the traps are removed, repairing the area where they got in is of great importance in order to keep any more from coming back in.