Bed bugs

Bed BugsCimicidae also known as Bed Bugs

            Bed bugs are critters of nightmares, and for good reason. These little parasitic insects can commonly be found living within your bed, feeding off your blood supply when you fall asleep at night. They are very tiny, about 4-5mm in length, thus very hard to identify however, symptoms from these little critters may be easy to detect.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often found along the seams of the mattress.

Diseases have not been known to be transmissible through these guys, but if you are a victim of these parasites you may develop blotchy rashes around major blood vessels including the frontal neck, inner thigh, inner arm, etc. Individual bed bugs feast every 5-10 days during the summer and much less often during the winter but with a colony size ranging from hundreds to thousands it may feel much more often.


In order to eradicate these critters it’s imperative that both parties work together efficiently. The customer’s job is to prepare the infected areas before the company is able to perform an extensive treatment, for this it is important that there is good communication and cooperation. Critter Gitter technicians are highly trained to deliver a full bed bug treatment as well as friendly enough to want to talk to. So if you want us to get these critters out of your home, let us know today so you can have a good night because we don’t let the bed bugs bite.