Squirrel excelentThe Fox squirrels(Sciurus niger)  are very common in the Denver metro area. Because these cute animals are fun to watch and feed,  they can mislead people into thinking that they are harmless. These mischevious critters will get into any bird feeder, dog dish,  trash can or even an open door to the house if given the chance They prefer to raid the nearest bird feeder and live in a warm attic over a cold tree near by. The more we, as humans, interact with the squirrels, the more they get use to us and feel comfortable enough to stay. They will find any way possible to get into the attic of a house. Once they find a gap in the roof line, they can chew until the gap is big enough to enter. Gaps in the  gutter line or pushing  through screens in attic vents are other methods of entry for these animals.  The Fox Squirrel is the largest squirrel in Colorado but, can still climb almost any surface that it faces. Brick, stucco, wood and concrete aren’t a problem for them to scale up. All homes can be a target, regardless of their construction.

The female Fox Squirrel will have two litters a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Conception generally happens in January to early February.  A few weeks later, 1 to 6 pups can be expected with 4 pups delivered being the most common occurance.  After being nursed for two months, the pups venture out and will leave to start their own families.

The Pine squirrel is more common at higher altitudes

The Pine squirrel is more common at higher altitudes

Once the squirrel finds a new home in the attic of a house, it will make noise early in the morning and as late as 11PM. This is very disruptive and can wake sleeping children. The insulation will be flattened down and moved out of place. This will lead to inefficient homes and expose wires to the electrical outlets and light switches. Once the wires are exposed, the pups as well as the adults can chew on them causing a potential fire hazard.

Having the squirrels removed as soon as possible is highly recommended but, this process can sometimes take several weeks. Incorporating live traps and relocating these squirrels to a new “squirrel friendly” environment is part of what we do at Critter Gitterz Inc.